Media Round-Up: January 2015

In terms of equality and diversity, 2015 started off with a BANG! January has already seen some huge wins and new trends in comparison to 2014 (let’s try and forget about the horribly white-washed 2015 Oscar Nominations), and I’m counting down my favorite moments! From shining light on the often dim (or completely snuffed out) transgendered community to highlighting homophobia in the hip hop community, to celebrating love and fighting for equality, 2015 has already proven to be a force for change.

 8. Tess Holliday is the Biggest Plus-Size Model Signed to a Major Contract!

MiLk Model Management has signed the beautiful, body-positive Tess Holliday. This is a huge step forward to creating a more diverse image of women, and of body size in general, in pop culture.


7. Agent Carter on ABC

Agent Carter is a mini-series from Marvel that perfectly highlights the struggle women had to do post-World War II in American Society due to the national campaign to get women back into the home and resigned to lives of domesticity. Agent Peggy Carter, though, challenges her role as a woman every step of the way. The show itself is a bit campy, but it’s a nostalgic throwback to 50s style detective/heist films and TV shows, with the added punch of a woman who can kick serious ass and isn’t all about finding a man (sadly, her man, Captain America is “dead”…at least as far as everyone knows.)


I mean, look at her literally carving her own path through a sea of men. HELLO, METAPHOR!

6. Adam Lambert Announces New Album!

While Adam Lambert has been busy literally blowing minds all over the world touring as the frontman of Queen, he’s been silently working on an follow-up album to his 2012 sophomore effort Trespassing.

This is what we know:

Let’s all take a breath before we start shouting about how The Original High is sure to blow all of our collective minds! We still have to wait until April, but rest assured it will be EPIC.

5. Transparent winning Golden Globe


If you haven’t seen Amazon’s Transparent yet, you really should. It’s a show that challenges how we view ourselves, how we view gender, and navigates the [mostly unchartered] waters of dealing with a loved one who comes out as transgendered.

Jill Soloway saying “moppa” gave me ALL the feels.


4. Matt Bomer Winning a Golden Globe for The Normal Heart


The heartfelt speech, the call-out to his husband and children, and the reminder that AIDs is still lurking in the shadows, Matt Bomer touched the hearts of millions with his speech and his portrayal of Felix Turner in HBO’s incredible The Normal Heart.

3. The Premiere (and Increasing Success) of Fox’s Empire

Empire is a show that has constantly bested itself in the ratings since it’s premiere at the beginning of January. It tackles homophobia in the hip hop community, and it does so alarmingly well. It’s never too heavy-handed, but it’s just emotional enough to make a slow-lasting impact.

Listen to breakout star Jussie Smollett (Jamal) sing “Good Enough,” a song that details his characters desires to be accepted by his homophobic father, the patriarch of Empire Lucious Lyon.

It’s CHILLING. And really catchy.

2. The “Brittana” Proposal on Glee

It’s Glee’s final season, and I’m a mess emotionally. This show has been such a huge part of me, from the campy moments to the all-too-meta moments, to the real and heart wrenching, Glee has been a groundbreaking show on TV, a new kind of dramedy variety hour that wasn’t afraid to poke fun at itself, even while tackling real issues, such as gay bullying and lynching, school shootings, gender transitioning, and even death  (RIP Finn/Cory Monteith]. I’ll be the first to admit that I was weary about the final season, but it’s been nothing but a return to form, a meta-journey returning to the campy halls of McKinley High. In episode 3, “Jagged Little Tapestry,” an episode that brilliantly married Alanis Morisette’s ultimate 20-twentysomething angst masterpiece Jagged Little Pill and Carole King’s timeless classic Tapestry (both albums I grew up listening to), razor-tongued Santana proposed to longtime girlfriend Brittany S. Pierce in the most “AWWWWW” moment ever.

1. Emma Watson Speech for HeForShe‘s “IMPACT 10x10x10” Program at World Economic Forum 2015

Is there any doubt why this is #1 on my list? Not only is Emma Watson an extremely talented actor, but she’s incredibly smart and she’s using her platform to raise awareness about feminism and gender equality. She’s pretty much a perfect human being. There’s nothing more to say except this: LISTEN, truly listen, to her speech below. She speaks passionately, from the heart, but it’s grounded in real facts, and it’s apparent that she truly cares about gender equality. If only more young people took action and spoke out and educated themselves, we might see real progress yet…

Great job, Emma! Keep challenging perspectives and creating conversation worthy of social change!

So, there you have it: January’s Media Round-Up! Let’s see how February shapes up. Until then, hit the comments and tell me YOUR favorite diversity win of 2015 thus far!

8 thoughts on “Media Round-Up: January 2015

  1. Nice countdown! I just saw Empire last week for the first time and it’s a really great show. Jamal’s struggle is very relatable. It’s hard to grow up gay in a household that doesn’t accept you. Liked some of the others on your list too. Gave up on Glee a while back, but this has me interested in again

    • You should definitely check out Glee. It’s worth it. I think they’re doing a great job at tying up loose ends and bringing it back to Lima and the original feeling the show had, while also incorporating all of the other elements that has made the show great over the course of it’s run.

      TOTALLY agree about Jamal. I find his story to be incredibly captivating and moving. Can’t wait to see what he’ll do!

  2. ANOTHER AMAZING SPEECH FROM EMMA WATSON! My little feminist heart can’t take it! She’s such an inspiration. Also, I think Agent Carter is a great show. So vintage and she’s so strong and I’m not even a big fan of marvel or superheroes or any of that but seriously everyone should watch it

  3. EMMA. WATSON. That woman is such a gem I can’t deal.

    Also – I haven’t seen Empire at ALL yet and I’m so sad about it!!! HOW DOES ONE WATCH A SHOW THAT’S ALREADY STARTED AND ISN’T ON NETFLIX? (Is Hulu the answer here? Do I need to cave for Hulu Plus?)

    Love this new Media Round-up idea!

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