Mary Lambert Hits Hard with #BodyLove

No words. Just listen.

Mary Lambert is the profound singer who was largely responsible for the success of “Same Love” last year post-SCOTUS and the fight for marriage equality. She continues to fight for equality, this time on the body image-front. Once you get over the surprise of the spoken-word “Body Love Parts 1 & 2,” it’s not hard to absorb her powerful words. If you missed it the first time, go back and listen. Close your eyes and just … listen. Feel what she’s saying.

This is body positivity.

You are worth more.


Download Mary Lambert’s EP Welcome to the Age of My Body now on iTunes:, featuring “Body Love” Parts 1 and 2, and “She Keeps Me Warm,” the solo version of Macklemore & Ryan Lewis’ smash hit “Same Love.”

11 thoughts on “Mary Lambert Hits Hard with #BodyLove

  1. YAAAAASSSS. I fucking love Mary for this. Like, DAMN. “This fuck-dom as a pathetic means to say I only know how to exist when I am wanted” AKSDHGKASHDKBNACV OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Also? Those tattoos.

  2. I loved this when I first heard it, it doesn’t mean I can’t keep listening lol I have body image issues.. Eating disorder! But songs like this help me to recover. Have to love my body.. Who else will? And why should I suffer to fit into societies “normal”?

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