Disney Animator Glen Keane Releases “Duet,” Reminds Everyone How Gorgeous Animation Can Change Lives

Glen Keane, the legendary Disney animator responsible for designing Ariel in The Little Mermaid, Beast in Beauty and the Beast, Aladdin in Aladdin, Pocahontas in Pocahontas, Tarzan in Tarzan, and Rapunzel in Tangled, released “Duet,” a 3-minute long short which beautifully depicts growing up and discovering love. It’s a testament to what can be accomplished with the medium and the result is truly breathtaking.

Check it out:

What’s truly striking about this piece, besides resembling a dreamscape, is that, in it’s short running time, it manages to showcase the birth of individuality, the importance of dreaming big and why/how imagination is everything, and how crucial it is for two different people — in this case, the adventurer and the artist — to explore themselves and their passions before they can truly come together and be one.

This type of individual growth isn’t always expressed in mainstream media, and especially in Disney films (recent films Frozen, Wreck-It Ralph, Tangled, and The Princess and the Frog are the exceptions, but even then, it’s not the central focus.) Love is always the main objective. “Duet,” however, focuses on something far more valuable – the self, and how the two complete selves come together, and that’s truly breathtaking.




2 thoughts on “Disney Animator Glen Keane Releases “Duet,” Reminds Everyone How Gorgeous Animation Can Change Lives

  1. What I find most interesting about this piece, that you didn’t mention, was the dance element. Dance has been underrated as a sport and artistry (because it is a unique combination of both athleticism and creativity). In recent years, pop culture shows like “Dancing with the Stars” and “So You Think You Can Dance” as well as attention given to dance in movies such as the seminal “Black Swan” have brought dance into the mainstream. I love how life is shown as a “dance” and the animation is absolutely stunning given how complicated it can be to depict dance through drawings.

    Great blog Steven! Always a lot of food for thought here in HyperReality!

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