HyperReality: New Name, New Directions!


Hey there, faithful readers!

First off, SO MUCH LOVE to all of you. Seriously. The first 14 months of beautifulCHAOS was beautiful. Also chaotic. But mostly friggin’ awesome. With that said, I started beautifulCHAOS because I had SO MANY thoughts running my mind on a daily basis that I just needed to get them out. For the first few months, most of my posts were personal, introspective, and mainly about me and my (un)healthy relationship with my first true love: the art and craft of writing. Slowly, I started to infuse the blog with pop culture, both past and present, and as I did that, I realized that the more I wrote about pop culture, the more I can came alive and actually wanted to blog. But, the more I did that, the more the blog became unfocused and, to me, more chaotic than beautiful.


As most of you know, I’m a college professor. I teach various writing (and English) courses. My main lens for teaching writing is pop culture and media literacy; my students learn the craft of writing and how passion and writing are intrinsically connected. And the more I think about it, when I blog about pop culture, my passion shows through. When I teach media literacy in my writing courses, I ask my students: What has media done to our perception of reality? Media plays a very important role in the social construction of reality and with technology being so readily accessible anywhere and everywhere, we now have the ability to process new ideas and experiences at the command of a touch screen. Today, ideas are communicated through social networks, movies, television shows, song lyrics, billboards, advertisements, mobile applications, and blogs, etc. Mass media in inescapable and I think it’s imperative to interpret this media, including literature, song lyrics, music videos, advertisements, movies, television shows, and how it all relates to, and comments on, the current state of our media-driven society.

This won’t be a BuzzFeed. I’m not Perez Hilton. And I don’t want or intend to be either. My goal with the new name change, HyperReality, is to focus on analyzing pop culture; the world needs a little more media literacy, and that’s where I come in. Think of HyperReality as Thought Catalog meets BuzzFeed with a bit more research and analysis. On a much smaller scale, of course. I won’t be writing about my writing adventures anymore, not until I find an agent who wants to sign me (then I’ll shout it from the rooftops). From here on out, my writing is just for me. Don’t worry, though, every post published thus far on beautifulCHAOS is staying put.


Beside the name change, site design, and new direction, there are also new categories on the header:

  1. “YAAAAAASS!” — the most popular posts via beautifulCHAOS
  2. “The Popular Landscape” — anything related to pop culture, past, present, and future, will be here. Under this new umbrella are categories including “The MediaScope” (mostly every post from here on out will fall under this category; this is my media literacy category), “The Disney Downlow” (everything and anything Disney-related), “That’s So Gay” (everything LGBT-related), and “The Review Spot” (which will include any and all reviews.)
  3. “The Thought Corner” — this will include all of my creative pieces, thought pieces, and writing-related stuff.

Here’s looking toward a very FUN new HyperReality!


2 thoughts on “HyperReality: New Name, New Directions!

    • Ahh! Thanks!!!! Next post will pop up tomorrow morning! Yes I did. Nothing a little photo editor can’t come up with. I wanted a more minimal Pop Art look, if that makes sense (considering those ideas are like, contradictory haha. Or oddly representative of Pop Art. I’m not sure. Now I’m just rambling hahaha)

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