A Life Unexpected

You took my breath away. No, you stole my breath, my heart, my everything, when you stepped out of that car and into my life. I didn’t quite know what I was getting myself into.

Who knows, before a life-changing event, that a single event could end up changing their life?

It was unexpected, in the best possible ways.

It was electric, from the first second, when I could hardly see straight because I was looking at you and couldn’t focus because you were too good-looking. Impossibly good-looking. And I was me, and you were you, and we were together and I couldn’t help but think, “there’s no way this could work because it’s too perfect and how could anyone give me what I want and need and deserve?”

But you did.

You are more than anything I could have dreamed up. I have this knack for developing characters, giving them voices, creating fantastical scenarios when I write, but there is no way that I could have ever thought of you. You, and all you are, are more complex, yet simple. You are quiet, but your voice vibrates in my ear every day. You are strong, the strongest, most well-put together person I have ever met, but your soft vulnerability makes me fall harder for you every single day. You have the subtleties that even the best writers, the most influential creators, couldn’t pinpoint. You are my muse, my inspiration, the best thing I never knew I needed…until I did.

Food, shelter, clothing, You; needs. When we first met, we stayed up until 5am on the phone. Before that point, I was lucky if my longest phone conversation was 45 minutes. I needed to hear your voice. It was sustenance to a weary soul. Every day since the beginning, you never fell short. You supported me when I needed it, but you continued to support me in those moments when I wasn’t even aware I needed support. You drop everything to kiss me goodnight and follow me into our bedroom, so we could spend a few quiet moments together, talking and laughing and cuddling, before I drift off and you go into the living-room to finish studying. You hold my hand when I need it,  squeeze it tighter when I don’t want it, and grab it when I don’t even know that I need it the most. You love me. I could go on, but there aren’t enough letters to create enough words to adequately finish my thoughts. But you give me those letters, those words, that constant inspiration.

One thing that I was always worried about was whether or not anyone could ever give me what I deserve. I spent so much of life afraid; afraid to love, afraid to be who I was, afraid to take chances. You didn’t push me; you walked beside me. You showed me that I deserve love, and you give me more than love. You give me a present, a future, and you make me forget the parts of my past that I don’t care to remember. You treat me like a king. Better than a king.

Sometimes I fall short. I know I do.  I’m human, though that’s no excuse. But how can I be more than human around you, a God in mortal form?

All I can say is that I love you. Thank you for loving me in return.


Three years, a life of beautiful chaos. 

Once upon a movie theater parking lot,
A first kiss, awkward and nervous.

Underneath the moonlight, in a parked car
the first sign of life, a quiet “I love you.”

I grew up loving you, dreaming of you
a fairytale i thought could never come true.

You found me and forever fell into my lap
A series of firsts and lasts.

A life unexpected.

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